My offer

I can help you by analysing and interpreting all documents that require verification of an expert witness in the field of handwriting analysis. I do a classic handwriting research in both criminology and psychographology. An expert opinion can constitute a trial evidence for courts, prosecutors and police and it may have a significant impact on the investigation and the court judgments. A psychological profile prepared by a graphologist can change your life or the lives of the people that are important to you.

I offer forensic examination of handwriting, i.e.:

  • verifying the authenticity of signatures (fully written, short signatures, initial signatures);
  • confirming the authenticity of any handwritten documents or all typewritten documents with handwritten notes (contracts, testaments, letters, ivoices);
  • an examination of anonymous letters – identification of the author based on so called “linguistic trace”;
  • identification of works of art based on a comparison with the original signature.

I also encourage you to take advantage of the psychological handwriting study, which can significantly help you in:

  • getting to know the personality of the author of the manuscript;
  • assessment of the mental condition of the author of the document;
  • analysis and interpretation of strengths and weaknesses of your personality which can be an excellent introduction to important changes in your life.

I accept orders from judicial bodies as well as private clients.

All the details can be found in the tab About handwriting analysis”